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    We Are the product of syndicated effort of a team of experts with over a decade of experience in their respective fields. Our prime objective is to render quality services in the three aspects that play a major role in IT industry. The secret behind our rapid growth is that we aim at delivering projects right on time, no matter how challenging they are. This applies to all the areas that we are into.

    We understand that for an IT venture to be complete Expertise, Human Resources & Technology are the key factor that requires concentration. This has been the Foundation of ZCC and today We established Ourself with 3 independently successful divisions.

  • Tri-Model

    Development Company
    HR Services
    Training Company
  • ZCC Divisions

    ZCC Software Training Division ZCC Software Development Division (Software Engineering & Development Centre)

    ZCC HR Consultancy Division The synergies of all three divisions are combined to benefit our clients, students and candidates that are seeking a job.

    ZCC Software Development Division (Software Engineering & Development )

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