• Group Milestones

    13  years ago, we began our pioneering journey transforming the Indian retail landscape, whole-heartedly believing in rewriting rules and retaining values.

    Today, our deep footprint across India and landmark growth is testament to our enduring values.

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  • 2001

    Company founded in Chandigarh-(UT), with mission to serve innovative leaders to our great nation

  • 2002

    Introduced the emerging technology to the local market and started working @ low cost training program which give beneficial to young Indian innovative students

  • 2005

    Our Group launched Information & Technology education with aim of quality education, produce hi-tech engineers and serve to international market.


  • 2007

    We Launched  successfully Career Point in our Group.

  • 2009

    Our  Group seen enormous growth and Stated A2it IT to develop and serve next-gen technology, electronic programming, outsourcing, manufacturing, innovative solutions.



Our Group launched R&D Lab and Our research projects had participated in various National and International Conferences.


Our mentors & students projects were identified by the industries as suitable for their needs and getting bright career opportunities for our trainee students.


Within Group, Operational Excellence means maximizing our customers’ satisfaction, our market position and financial results. We always try to ensure continual quality and cost improvement  in our products and services. Our success depends on Customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction is our main goal. We feel honored and blessed to serve our customers and are constantly looking for new ways to improve our service.

Best demonstrated practices will be identified and implemented throughout the company, with a continuing challenge to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement.