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  • Group Profile

    ZCC Group was founded in 2001 and is one of the foremost companies in India within the field of Electronics and Information Technology. The group consists of 7 companies operating in various business sectors such as Information Technology, Engineering, Education and Services. ZCC Group of companies has always held the belief that wealth ought to be given back to the society which they serve. Looking ahead, ZCC Group is going to focus on novel technologies and innovations for propelling its business in India and over the globe. SMART 2020 is one such example of a best-selling, innovative product developed by A2IT, a leading company of the ZCC Group.

  •  Vision

    To evolve and emerge into a premier and the most preferred technical institution at every level of academic pursuit across the country.

    Where there is no vision –people perish
    Charged up to stay ahead
    we have……

    The Vision, Passion, Curiosity, Commitment and momentum to create a growing chapter to earn for us a place of lasting glory and guide the future generation of students towards greater feats…….

  • Tri-Model

    Development Company
    HR Services
    Training Company


Where there is no mission-There is no joy .

Our mission is to foster human excellence imbued with integrity, loyalty and the spirit of service to mankind through education of global standards, steeped in Indian Ethos and Values.

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