Use of relays and contactors with PLC and without PLC i.e Hardwired controls. The concept of NO (normally open), Normally close (NC), DOL /R-DOL starters, STAR to DELTA starters, Soft starters of AC machines is practically explained in this module. Timer relays and different types of sensors are interfaced with PLC.

    • AC Motor and its working
    • Introduction to Stepper and Servo motor
    • Motor control circuit, interlocking circuit
    • Introduction to AC Drives & application
    • Drive Parameter programming
    • VFD controlling through Keypad ,External switch and PLC
    • Basic Criteria for drives selection
    • Drive Control Panel system designing
    [/tabitem] [tabitem]
    • Creating and managing workspace
    • Erasing Object, Cancelling & Undoing a command
    • Object selection method
    • Setting unit and limits
    • Drawing arc, rectangle , ellipses, polygon
    • Edit ,Move, copy& paste command
    • Offset, rotate ,& scale, fillet, Chamfering ,trim , Extend Stretch & lengthen command
    • Arraying ,Mirroring, Breaking, dividing & joining
    • Zooming & Panning drawing
    • Electrical Wiring Designing through Autocad
    • Control panel designing through Autocad
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    • Discussion on Type of Switches;- PB, E- PB, Toggle Switches, Selector switches, Limit Switches
    • Introduction to Contactor and it’s Working
    • Miniature Circuit Breaker
    • Molded Case Circuit Breaker
    • Over Load Relay
    • Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
    • Basic of Control & power drawing
    • General wiring guidelines in a panel Designing
    • Panel Indicator (Multifunction meter ,ammeter, Voltmeter)
    • Preparation of general arrangement diagrams, busbar sizing
    • Electrical Protection
    • General wiring guidelines / practices
    • Load management (connected load, running load ,load factor)
    • Maintenance & troubleshooting of control circuit in live panels.
    • vfd-clock
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