Industrial aspect of AC machines and DC machines is discussed, motion and moving objects, designing of control panels, paper work with documentation is explained.

  1. Motion Control System
  2. AutoCad Designing
  3. Control Panel Designing
    • AC Motor and its working
    • Introduction to Stepper and Servo motor
    • Motor control circuit, interlocking circuit
    • Introduction to AC Drives & application
    • Drive Parameter programming
    • VFD controlling through Keypad ,External switch and PLC
    • Basic Criteria for drives selection
    • Drive Control Panel system designing
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    • Creating and managing workspace
    • Erasing Object, Cancelling & Undoing a command
    • Object selection method
    • Setting unit and limits
    • Drawing arc, rectangle , ellipses, polygon
    • Edit ,Move, copy& paste command
    • Offset, rotate ,& scale, fillet, Chamfering ,trim , Extend Stretch & lengthen command
    • Arraying ,Mirroring, Breaking, dividing & joining
    • Zooming & Panning drawing
    • Electrical Wiring Designing through Autocad
    • Control panel designing through Autocad
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    • Discussion on Type of Switches;- PB, E- PB, Toggle Switches, Selector switches, Limit Switches
    • Introduction to Contactor and it’s Working
    • Miniature Circuit Breaker
    • Molded Case Circuit Breaker
    • Over Load Relay
    • Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
    • Basic of Control & power drawing
    • General wiring guidelines in a panel Designing
    • Panel Indicator (Multifunction meter ,ammeter, Voltmeter)
    • Preparation of general arrangement diagrams, busbar sizing
    • Electrical Protection
    • General wiring guidelines / practices
    • Load management (connected load, running load ,load factor)
    • Maintenance & troubleshooting of control circuit in live panels.
    • vfd-clock
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