Building Estimation & Costing

  • Estimation is the process of calculating the approximate cost and quantity of material for any project. It is always the most important part for any project. As all the other processes, from the issuing of Tender to preparing of design, quantity of material to final completion of project all the things directly or indirectly dependent on the funds we have.

    Estimation of project is prepared by reading drawings and with the rates following by CSR and DSR issued by the State Govt. and the Central Govt. In short, Construction estimators work to make the final report on project, regarding time and cost of particular construction projects. In ZCC Group course, students will learn to analyze Costs of residential and commercial properties.

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Building Estimation & Costing courses are included in Civil Engineering Degree and that students learn building construction technology in-depth.

Course Objectives

  • Building cost estimation and estimation from 2D AutoCAD drawings.
  • Creation of extensive project views that are combined with significant information from various building modeling (BIM) tools.
  • Manual measuring and automatic measuring of areas, and counting of building materials, and then export the same and publishing.
  • Latest software technologies for drawing, quantification, viewing, and markup accomplishment, uniting design data, other essential information within fluid architecture. This would make sure that everything can be kept on track of changing variables.
  • Creating material quantity departures and performing theoretical evaluations or estimations, from design through pre-reconstruction of the project.
  • Course Output

    • Become capable to identity all the materials used in construction.
    • Create quantity survey reports and summary easily.
    • Count quantity of the project design data faster.
    • Make quantities that are linked to the particular objects.
    • Examine interactive 3D models for cost estimation.
    • Ability to compile, update, and interact with quantity-related project data.
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