CAD: Computer Aided Drafting & Design

  • Earlier Engineers & drafts men wasted almost 30% of precious time looking for drawings and other documents. But by using CAD, we can save a lot of time and also the quality of drawing can be increased.

    Another benefit of CAS is its ability to store entities, which can be frequently applied on drawings. CAD often involve more than just shapes, as in the manual drafting of Technical & Engg. drawings, the output of CAD must convey information, such as materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances, specific conventions. Basically CAD starts from Coordinate System.

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  • 2D (Two Dimensional)

    CAD software makes it efficient to make Industry standard computer-aided design and drafting. In our course, you will learn to use the commands, pallets, and crosshatching. Trainers will teach to you to work with dimensions, regions, and also understanding viewports and isometrics. After learning, you will be capable to generate professional drawings as well as handle all the 2D skills.

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  • 3d_visualization

  • 3D (Three Dimensional)

    In the due course, students will be taught essentials features, functions and advantages of CAD 3D, using which they can build their skills and can take full benefit of the core features of the software. Topic of 3D drawing includes: parcels, profiles, alignments, assemblies and corridors, grading, quantities and pipes.

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