Raspberry Pi

  • The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized single board computer originally designed to teach basic computer science. However, It has become a sensational hit among “techie” hobbyist, hardware hacker/maker community and has been used in thousands of interesting applications.

    In this hands-on class, you will be given a Raspberry Pi starter kit and instructions on how to program your Raspberry Pi for all sorts of interesting applications. This class is about learning through doing and getting your hands on with this powerful little device. Specifically, you will learn how to setup your Pi, the basics of the Linux operating system driving the Pi, and how to program the Raspberry Pi to do all sorts of interesting things like interact with the World Wide Web and get the temperature.

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Programming will be accomplished in Python/Shell code and other code references will also be provided. Additionally, you will learn about the various resources for help working with your Pi and finding accessories for the Pi.

  • 1. Introduction to Raspberry pi

    • Why Raspberry pi
    • Features of Raspberry pi
    • Introduction to on board hardware
    • Basic set up and first boot configuration
    • Different uses of Raspberry pi
    • Different Versions of Raspberry pi
    • Vision of Raspberry pi
    • Different components of the Board
    • Demo of Raspberry pi Boot-up and OS Demo on Screen
    • Different Os Available
    • How to Flash OS on Memory Card
    • Playing Around shell (Nano,Ls,Commands,Etc)


  • 2. Introduction to Programming

    • What all can be Programmed
    • Python
    • C,C++
    • Java
    • Lamp Stack
    • QT
    • Most of Linux Based Development Platform
    • Getting Started with Python Programming
    • Some Sample Programs


  • 3. Hardware Hacking with pi

    • Control LEDS From GPIO Pins
    • Input-Switch Buttons
    • Temperature Sensor(1-Wire Temperature Sensor)
    • LCD(16*2)
    • PIR-Sensor
    • IOT/Web Development using Raspberry pi
    • What is IOT
  • 4. Introduction to Webiopi Framework

    • GPIO-Control
    • WebCam Installation
    • Custom Webpage on Webiopi
    • Integrating Webcam+Custom Page
    • Auto Starting Webiopi on Boot.
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