ZCC Group provides high level Robotics Training to Engineering Students. Students can learn ‘How to make a Robot’, Robot Games, Robotic Arm, Line Follower Robot Project. ZCC Group has a sole moto of integrating real world ideas with the latest in technology, and give golden chance to learn latest in Robotics technology, by making unique revolutionary Live projects. ZCC Group, is No. 1 in provider of Robotics Training in Chandigarh.

  • Session 1: Introduction to Robotics & its fundamental

    • Introduction to Robotics
    • Fundamental of Robotics
    • Types of robots and their application
    • Future Scope of Robotics
  • Session 2: Introduction to Basic of Electronics

    • Introduction to resistors, capacitor, voltage regulator, transformer etc
    • Working with transistor, relays and many more.
  • Session 3: Introduction to DC Motor and Motor Driver

    • Introduction to actuators (DC Motors)
    • Importance of Motor driver & its construction using different components
    • Interfacing of Motor driver with DC Motor
  • Session 4: Introduction to Microcontroller and Embedded C

    • Introduction to Microcontrollers
    • Difference between Microcontroller, microprocessor and Microcontroller architecture.
    • Introduction of Embedded C
    • Installation & Interfacing of Microcontroller hardware with PC
  • Session 5: Interfacing of LED, LCD, Switches and Buzzer with Microcontroller

    • Introduction to LED and its interfacing with Microcontroller
    • pattern generation with multiple LED
    • Introduction to LCD & its interfacing
    • Introduction to Switches & there working
    • Interfacing of Buzzer & it’s working
  • Session 6: Interfacing of Sensors and other modules

    • Introduction to Sensors- IR Sensor, Light Sensor, Sound Sensor
    • Implementation of Line follower, Obstacle Avoider and Edge Avoider using IR sensor
    • Implementation of Light Follower using Light Sensor
    • Implementation of Blind Robot using Sound Sensor
  • Introduction to Wireless Modules,  DTMF Module etc.

    • Implementation of Wireless Robot
    • Implementation of Mobile control Robot

    Session 7: Interfacing of Wireless Camera

    • Introduction to wireless camera
    • Interfacing of wireless camera to robot : Spy Robot
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