Interior & Exterior Designing

  • In this course, Student will learn how to design the Interiors & Exteriors of building, according to the favorable environment conditions.

    ZCC Group’s Interior & Exterior Designing Training course helps you to enhance your 2D drawings, 3D modeling and Digital presentation skills.

    In this course, students will be introduced to a new world of 3D modeling.

    Difference between 2D and 3D

    • 2D- Two Dimensional
    • 3D- Three Dimensional

Interior Designing

Designing interiors of the building, and decoration of the same room or building is called Interior designing. Interior designer’s duty is to make interior spaces beautiful, for almost everything including shopping malls, restaurants, homes, educational, healthcare, airport terminals. They select flooring, furniture, and wall coverings and lighting too.


Exterior Designing

Exterior designer is similar to Interior designer, thought they have specialization to make outside of building beautiful. They helps building owner with outdoor layout or setting that matches the requirement according to the personal preference and that design which match the architectural style. Exterior designers can make design according to the drafting of the building and the environment and neighborhood.

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