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  • C# .Net Training Syllabus

    C# (pronounced see sharp) is an elegant and type-safe object-oriented language that enables developers to build a variety of secure and robust applications that run on the .NET Framework. You can use C# to create traditional Windows client applications, XML Web services, distributed components, client-server applications, database applications, and much, much more which makes it very easy to use as the majority of the commands are plain English and simple to decipher.

Live Projects:

According to  Nasscom case studies 3,50,000 engineers are passing-out on every year, but who are successfully making their career that is only 20%, the rest are lacking in live technology and unable to show live projects on their resume. which is very important to companies to check your technical abilities.

Students will get training with real time environment as they will work with A2it IT Development Pvt. Ltd. Company (www.a2itsoft.com)

Every student will get access of their projects on following addresses:

C# .Net Mandatory prerequisite:

If you wanna learn professional C# .Net, the following prerequisites are mandatory, these technologies would help you to build professional applications for small companies to MNCs.


Program Benefit:

  • Windows Based Application Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Windows based Game Developer
  • 1. Introduction to C#.NET

    • Getting Started with C# .NET
    • Saving Your Work
    • Your first C# Program
    • How to Run Your C# Program
    • Your First C# Windows Form
    • Adding Controls to a Form
    • Properties of a Control
    • Adding Code to a Button
    • C# Message Boxes
    • More about Message Boxes
  • 2. C# .NET: Variables

    • String Variables in C#. NET
    • Assigning Text to a String Variable
    • Concatenation in C#
    • C# Comments
    • Numbers Variables
    • Double and Float Variables
    • Double Variables
    • Addition in C# .NET
    • Adding up with float Variables
    • Subtraction
    • Mixing Subtraction and Addition
    • Multiplication and Division
    • Getting Numbers from Text Boxes
    • A C# .NET Calculator – Design
    • The Plus Button
    • The Equals Button
  • 3. Conditional Statement

    • IF Statements
    • Else … If
    • Switch Statements
    • C# Operators

    4. Looping Statement

    • C# and For Loops
    • Loop Start and End Values
    • Do loops and While Loops
    • Checking for Blank Textboxes in C#
    • For – Each loop
  • 5. Add Menus to your Forms

    • Add Menus to Windows Forms in C#
    • Sub Menus
    • Menu Shortcuts
    • Code for your Quit Menu
    • The Edit Menu
    • Copy and Paste in C# .NET
    • The View Menu
    • Adding Images in C# .NET
    • Open File Dialogue Box in C#
    • Open a Text File
    • The Save As Dialogue Box
    • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  • 6. Debugging your Applications

    • Errors at Design Time
    • Run Time Errors
    • Logic Errors
    • Breakpoints
    • The Locals Window
    • Try ..Catch Statements in C# .NET
  • 7. Methods

    • Understanding C# .NET Methods
    • Passing values to your C# Methods
    • Getting values back from C# Methods
  • 8. Arrays

    • Arrays in C# .NET
    • Arrays and Loops
    • Arrays at Runtime
    • Multi-Dimensional Arrays in C# .NET
    • Arrays and Text
    • Zagged arrays
  • 9. String Manipulation

    • C# String Variables
    • Trim Unwanted Characters
    • The Contains Method
    • The Index Of Method
    • The Insert Method
    • Remove and Replace in C# .NET
    • C# Substring
    • Split and Join in C#
    • Snake Game
  • 10. Events

    • The Click Event
    • The Mouse Down Event
    • Key Down.
    • The Leave Event
    • C# List Box and Combo Box Events
    • C# Custom Web Browser
    • The Tree View Control
  • 11. Classes and Objects

    • Classes and Objects in C# .NET
    • A First Class
    • Create Objects from your C# Classes Passing values to your Classes
    • Adding Properties to your C# Classes
    • Using Class Properties
    • Class Constructors in C# .NET
    • Inheritance in C# .NET
    • C# Method Overloading
    • C# Static Methods
  • 12. Manipulating Files

    • How to open a Text File
    • Read a file line by line in C# .NET
    • Write to a Text File
    • How to Copy, Move and Delete a File

    13. Databases

    • SQL Server Express and C# .NET
    • Create a SQL Server Express Database
    • Create a SQL Server Database Table
    • Add Data to the Table
    • Datasets and Data Adapters
    • Datasets and Data Adapters
    • Display Data from the Dataset
    • Database Navigation Buttons
    • Add, Update, Delete a Record
    • Finding Records in a Dataset
    • Windows based controls
  • 14. Multiple Forms

    • Creating Multiple Forms
    • Modal Forms in C# .NET
    • Getting at the values on other Forms

    15. Dates and Times

    • Dates and Times in C# .NET

    16. Windows / Desktop Based Applications

    • Calculator
    • Scientific Calculator
    • Notepad
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