• JavaScript is a scripting language designed primarily for adding interactivity to Web pages and creating Web applications. JavaScript is different from the Java language (developed in the 1990s at Sun Microsystems). However, the two languages can interoperate well. Client-side JavaScript programs, or scripts, can be embedded directly in HTML source of Web pages. Depending on the Web developer’s intent, script code may run when the user opens the Web page, clicks or drags some page element with the mouse, types something on the keyboard, submits a form, or leaves the page.

    Prerequisites:    Knowledge of HTML, CSS & Basic knowledge of C language

    Program Benefit:

    • JavaScript Developer
    • JavaScript Programmer
    • JavaScript Expert

    Time: Flexibility
    Duration: 2 -3 Weeks

  • 1. Introduction

    • JavaScript Overview
    • JavaScript Syntax
    • Type of  JavaScript
    • Embedding Script In HTML File
    • Variable
    • POP up Boxes

    2. Operators

    • Arithmetic
    • Logical
    • Comparison
    • Assignment
    • Conditional

    3. Conditional Statement & Looping Statement

    • If
    • If. Else
    • Switch
    • While
    • Do/while
    • For
  • 4. Function & Object

    • Passing Parameter to function
    • Returning a value from function
    • Creating Object
    • Accessing Object Properties & Method
    • Array Object
    • String Object
    • Date Object
    • Math Object
    • Window Object
    • Navigator Object

    5. Event Handling

    Event Type:

    • Mouse Events
    • Frame/Object Events
    • Form Events

    6. Form Validation

    • Text Validations
    • Drop down validations
    • Checkbox Validations
    • Radio button Validations
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