Search Engine Optimization: pursue data for content writers, keywords for campaigns and may even contribute to link building and/or content building efforts.

    SEO Researcher: Handling small websites by pacing, reporting and optimizing. SEO Researcher will be responsible for conducting off page activities like article submission, PR submissions, blog commenting, social bookmarking, directory submission, Sites back links analysis, SEO on client websites and updating and regular updates on your campaigns

Search Marketing Analyst – optimizing page content, researching keywords, building links, adding content for several key sites. Planning and execution of search engine optimization and social media campaigns for clients. Define campaign strategy and organizing/managing resources (both internal and our client’s)

Search Marketing Manager – manage a campaign or client or team independently without outside guidance. Ability to manage multiple key sites simultaneously, communicating with clients

  • Basic Concepts:

    • Internet and Search Engine Basics
    • Internet Marketing
    • Importance of Internet Marketing
    • Types of Internet Marketing Methods
    • Importance of Search Engines
    • SEO is an Art or Science
    • How the search engine works?

    Keywords Research and Analysis:

    • Introduction to Keyword Research
    • Business Analysis
    • Types of Keywords
    • Keyword Research Methodology
    • Keywords Analysis Tools
    • Competition Analysis
    • Preparing a Keyword List for Project

    On-Page Optimization (In Code):

    • Basics of Website Designing / Development
    • Essentials of good website designing
    • HTML Basics for SEO
    • Usability and User Experience in Website
    • Onsite Optimization Basics
    • Importance of Domain Names and Value
    • Domain Selection
    • Coding Best Practices
    • Title Tag Optimization
    • Keywords
    • Keyword Density Analysis
    • Keywords Research in Various Search Engines
    • Meta Tags
    • Meta Tags Optimization
    • Headers Optimization
    • SEO Content Writing
    • Optimizing SEO content
    • Page Speed Optimization Tool
    • Anchor Links Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization:

    • Directory Submissions for SEO
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Local Business Listing (Local SEO)
    • Classifieds Posting
    • Using Blogs for SEO
    • Blog Commenting
    • Press Release Submission
    • Article Submissions
    • Video Submissions
    • Social Media Optimization Techniques (Basics)
    • RSS Feeds Submissions
    • Tracking the Links and Page Rank


    Dynamic Site SEO:

    • Difference between Dynamic and Static Sites
    • SEO for Word press (SEO Widgets)
    • SEO for Joomla ( Joomla SEO Plug-in)
    • SEO for BlogSpot
    • How to optimize the Flash Websites

    Google Adsense:

    • Google Ad sense Training
    • Google Analytics Training
    • Social Media Optimization (SMO) Training
    • Face book Training
    • Twitter Training
    • Linked in Training
    • Developing Marketing Strategies for SMO Training
    • URL Shortening Tools
    • Using Tools and Applications for SMO
    • Viral Marketing for You tube

    Reports and Management:

    • Website Position Analysis in various search engines
    • Introduction to Google Analytics in details
    • Installing Google Analytics
    • Basics of Google Analytics
    • Visitors Reports
    • Geographic Reports
    • Traffic Sources Reports
    • Keywords Reports
    • Your Goals and Conversions
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